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February 28, 2004 by MidOrbit
I finally know. I finally realize. I finally recognize. I finally can tell you what I feel, how I feel. I can tell you. I imagine me wraping my arms around you whispering in your ear....I love you... Now you know as we dance in the street. The rain hits us ,laughing aloud and having fun. Because they know. We know.
February 26, 2004 by MidOrbit
As you stroll out of the passage from plane 321, you move in slow motion as I lay my eyes unto you. I am taken from life for a split second, my breath leaves. You move with such a glance upon your face. I move towards you, ywt time itself has seemed to stop. I feel your left arm followed by your right reach side to side as if they run towards one another meeting behind my neck. I mock you and reach out. We spin, its as if we are dancing in the middle of a ballroom, and we, the only two ballro...
February 24, 2004 by MidOrbit
Would you believe me
If I said i am a blond
Would you believe me
If i said i am tall
Would you believe me
If i said i am handsome
Would you believe me
If i said im smart
Would you believe me
if i said i notice you
Would you believe me
If i said i think of you
Would you believe me
If i said i want you
Would you believe me
If i said i want to be with you
After all, Its only the internet..
February 24, 2004 by MidOrbit
Let it go. I tell myself. As if it should calm me.She runs off as a lie. As a lie that ruins those who follow. I should,ve figured my delima earlier. I should've wandered into her mind, her eyes, to see what the subject, the reason was really about. It would make sense. So why bother though. She stabs me continuously knowing i'll bleed. She pulls the rope aknowleding the door it opens. Then she strolls through flipping the finger without a trace of a last minute glance as it closes. Smoke fil...
February 23, 2004 by MidOrbit
How could anybody believe that he does exist from a book that has some interesting stories in it? I'd reaaaaaly loooooove to know since its such an important discussion. So, please, post your wonderful opinions and beliefs
February 23, 2004 by MidOrbit
As if she should be intrested. As if those wandering eyes glazing blindlessly to worthless matter should happen to stroll along my path. Maybe I kid my mind while pondering about her. The blue eyes, fluttering behind the long groomed hair. No. Not for me. Its rather worthless to think much more of it. Not for me, but for the brown haired boy. For the boy known for a lifetime. The spotlight shines as if us three are the only around. I watch as they move, his hands reach the hips, sliding downwa...
February 22, 2004 by MidOrbit
Dan, you need to shove it.
February 22, 2004 by MidOrbit
Dan, you need to shove it.
February 22, 2004 by MidOrbit
I have always grown up your way. Acted as you asked, spoke when you said spoke. Eat what you told me to eat. Be who you wanted me to be. Well I'm not anymore. I'm different. I am not you. I want you to know that this is not a phase. I enjoy being me, I enjoy not being you. Being your puppet. I popped the strings! Deal with it, let me go, feel how I feel, then you shall understand. I am now what you didnt want me to be. What you're afraid of. What you're concerned of. I am your opposite, and I w...
February 22, 2004 by MidOrbit
Stop this meaningless effort to figure out why we have been created and live. Its a waste of timeand energyto ponder on the thoughts. We will never find out. Not until life in this universe begins to fade into a nothing live instead. Instead of believing that your thoughts shall change something, as if your petty little mind is going somewhere. As if you should care. You should not. Iys not your place to be doing this. Leave all of that to time. Have a cup of tea and shut the fuck up about all ...
February 20, 2004 by MidOrbit
Touch me,
hold me,
feel me,
lick me,
smell me,
bump me,
rub me,
bite me,
push me,
love me,
nudge me,
squeeze me,
hold me,
kiss me,
nibble me,
finish me off
February 18, 2004 by MidOrbit
Do not read this article. It is full of nothing inparticular.
I repeat, by reading this, you will waste time in your life. Which is not moral.
This article is meaningless. By reading it, you and I becomes meaningless.
Me for writing it, you for reading it.
There is NO surprise or anything to this article at all.
I repeat, you are wasting your time by reading this meaningless article!
Listen to my words and stop reading! you must stop immediatly!
It is not correct to read this arcticle w...
February 18, 2004 by MidOrbit
The Essence of life
The Fluid which controls ones life
Some say it was blue at one time
Some say it was always red
Who to believe is up to you
Have you tasted blood?
Some say it is a taboo to enjoy a little blood
I am not sure why
It is within us all, why not enjoy it while its out
That is a question I wouldnt mind answered.
February 18, 2004 by MidOrbit
Mortals roam the earth. Refuge is what they need. Come, welcome, i do say good morrow. Come. read the horrors of a human mind. The thoughts. If you meditate with them, you shall have great wonders happen withen you.